Wednesday, February 27, 2013

John Vachon 1943. Another look at Time square

When I came accrues this "other view" of a 1943 rainy Times square
I just had to colorize it to be paired with my first :

 In this shot the war is a bit more visible.
There is an "in case of an air raid siren" sign
and even some loud speakers visible on the far away light posts. 

Here is a wider shot made out of a combination of two photos by John Vachon from that same day.

Same angle on a rainy day 1959.

Another view of the same location at the same time (1943).

I used this screen capture from a film for my "Rupert's Beer" sign.
unfortunately the colors in this screen capture are a bit of.
Here are the real colors of the "Rupert Beer" sign.

This is the same location as photographed by Walker Evans, 1952