Tuesday, May 21, 2013

London in 1926

This is 'London In 1926' as the people 
of London would have known it... in color 

This video was made by British cinematographer Claude Friese-Greene, 
using a new colored-film technique known as "Biocolour." 
 credit: British Film Institute

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Hertzelia, Israel. Mid to late 1930's

The source of this photo is  the Library of congress photo archive.
it is titled:
Israel, Hertzelia between 1934 - 1939
It is located in the:

It took me a while to analyze all the tiny details in this photo.
It looks like it's dusk (see the long shadows) and may be a holiday or a Friday evening,
since people are walking in their finest outfits, and in the middle of the street.

Here are some small details you might miss if you take a quick glance at this photo:
Note the kid on the left side balcony.  Also note the woman on the right side balcony.
The forth kid from the left side group of kids, is eating the soft part of his bread slice. 
There are two little kids walking holding hands on the center left
under that eucalyptus tree.

Try and find these two ads in this shot.
The film ad is next to what is probably a photo-shop.