Saturday, January 10, 2015

Ahuza street in Raanana, Circa 1934

 Sunset over Ahuza street in Raanana.
The view is from West facing east.
The white two story building in the center left is in the corner of Maccabi street and Ahuza,
where "Pizza Agvania" is located.

Note the long shadow (of the photographer?) at the bottom of the frame.
This indicates an evning shot (the sun is behind us, in the west).
Following that logic, I went with a "golden hour" color scheem while working on this imige.

The original B&W photo from the collection of the Library of congress.

Another view of Ahuza street where the same barbershop is clearly visible.

A photo of Ahuza street  from east to west where the same ice-cream shop sign for
"Glida mehubar" (גלידה מחובר) is visible

This is the same location as seen from the top of the water tower
behind the "peoples house" בית העם

This is an interesting little detail I noticed:
A picnic bench is located in the middle of Ahuza Street for public use.

The same location today.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Kikar Magen-David" (Star of david roundabout) Tel- Aviv 1936.

"Kikar Magen-David" (Star of david roundabout), a look from south to north, Tel- Aviv 1936.
Colorized from an original Black and white photo courtesy of the Rudi Weissenstein archive and the "Tzalmania".

Here is the original B&W, courtesy of the Rudi Weissenstein archive and the "Tzalmania".

Frame from the 1934 movie "To a new life"
shot from inside the pharmacy right underneath the "עליה"sign.
The pharmacy is named "ב. שילמן" and the two small signs on the window 
advertise a room for rent and an apartment for rent.
I retraced those beautiful fonts to clarify the sign.

Here is the same location at about the same time.
Note the "עליה" sign on the top left (same sign as it appears in the Rudi Weissenstein
This photo also appears in the wonderful collection of theTel Aviv historical Facebook page called
"White city- Tel Aviv"

In this photo we see the view looking the other way, towards where the Rudi Weissenstein 
photo was taken from. 

Here is an earlier view of "Kikar magen david" by the Tel aviv photographer
Zultan Kluger.
This photo also appears in the wonderful collection of theTel Aviv historical Facebook page called

The original captions under this photo say 1934.
I believe this photo was taken earlier then that.
Most of the signs on the buildings are missing and the city is not as developed as in the 
 Rudi Weissenstein photo.
Or... in the two years between 1934 and 1936 the town had developed allot!!!

Here is an earlier look at the one story house located in the middle of the original photo above

After colorizing this photo I discovered that the man on the bottom right is hanging an advertisement for the "Levant fair" (יריד המזרח) of 1936. the fair's date was Apr 30th to may 30th, 1936, which places this photo just before april 36. 

Same location today.