Sunday, January 13, 2013

Maccabi pool, Raanana. 1947 / 8

Maccabi Pool, Raanana. Early days. This public pool was donated for the comfort of the people of Raanana and now sits in ruins after being closed for real estate development.

2015 Update: The pool no longer exists. The site is now a new apartment complex. 

The Original B&W photo.

The Maccabi pool was build in 1944 as an olimpic pool on land donated by the 
Rohar family. 
In its vicinity was also the first movie theater in Raanana named "Tzuk-or" 
 This photo is from the 40's during the construction of the pool 

The pool was used as the only Olympic pool in the "Sharon" region.

The pool in 2007

Same view 3013

 Feb 20th 2013. Maaccabi pool, THE END