Thursday, January 24, 2013

Color Photography of Early 1900s Paris


  1. So glad you have joined the small cadre of us who enjoy colorizing antique black and whit images. I have been trying to decide if colorizing is an art form and whether one who does it can be an artist of sorts.

    Nice to see someone of your artistic background and talent enjoying this effort.

    I assume you have found; if not, take a look. Although it is U.S.A.-centric, you may find black and white images of your liking.

  2. Thank you Big Al for your comment and compliments.
    I can honestly say that it takes an artistic eye to come up with colors that would actually feel like they are natural and belong to the place and the tim that the photo was taken in. Please look back at my earlier posts and you will fin some Shorpy shots that I'v colorized.