Thursday, May 3, 2012

Main tower, Luna Park, Coney Island 1905

This coloring job was quite a struggle. I am still only half satisfied with the sky.
It is evening time (I could tell by the ling light-bulb's shadows on the tower and the angle of the shadows)
I might go back and color in some more evening colors into this shot.
Note the water slide in the far background that became visible after the coloring process

My version vs the original .

Another view of the tower.
This one probably a few years later. The tower has water fountains coming out of it 
and an arch that wasn't there before

A closer look at the construction hovering above the pool.

The opposite view to the first photo.
It is now clear what the flower garden with the train in the bottom left corner of the first shot is.
It's a high rotating carousel that goes up this metal pole and then lands back on a circular track...Cool!

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