Monday, April 8, 2013

Warsaw Ghetto, May 1943

The Holocaust, we should realize, is not something that happened in the distant past. It is alive with in us to this day.
For the memory of all those that lost their life in the Holocaust I colorized this photo 
and with hope that we never forget.

Photo from Jurgen Stroop's report to Heinrich Himmler.
The original German caption reads:
"Forcibly pulled out of dugouts"

While colorizing this photo I noticed a few details that escape the eye
in the original B&W version.
Here are my small observations:
The kid in the middle (behind the front lady) has a black thumb.
It feels to me like it's ink but that's just a wild guess.
The lady in the front has three bags (two on here and
one hand bag in her right arm) and some jewelry (a bracelet and ring).
She has some bruises underneath here stockings.
The little girl on the left has one arm up in the air while the 
other arm clutches on to here mothers bag (under the front lady's hand bag)
Last thing: Notice the face in the darkness to the left of the nazi standing at the door.
it was burly noticeable in the black and white version.

One of the nazis in the photo was later identified as Josef Blosche.
Nicknamed "frankenstein" by the Jews, Josef Blosche was known for raping and then killing his victims.
In 1945 he was captured by the russians and put in a labor camp where his face was severely deformed by an elevator accident.
In 1967 he was captured by the russians again and put on trial.
In 1969 he was found guilty of having been involved in the deportation of 300,000 Jews, and of murdering an indeterminable number of persons (possibly as many as 2,000) including newborn infants, pregnant women, handicapped persons, and the elderly.
He was sentenced to death, and executed in Leipzig on 29 July 1969, by a shot



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