Monday, July 8, 2013

Bloomington Indiana circa 1930

Back to school sale at the local J. C. Penny

The original b&W photo.
Courtesy of the Monroe county historical society 

Same spot today.

According to the Micky mouse design this photo was taken during the late 20's early 30's


  1. The J C Penney store in this photo was built in 1930 and began operation in November of that year. I'm curious about the source of the B&W photo. Monroe County History Center? Accession number?

    1. Hello Bill. This photo is taken from the collection of the Monroe county history center. It will be displayed on my upcoming colorized photo show at the center opening on April 4th. I will be giving a talk about it and other photos on April 28th at 5pm. I hope you can come and see the show. Avi