Sunday, August 4, 2013

1865. Charleston, South Carolina

This photograph was taken on Cumberland St.
by the Federal Navy and seaborne expeditions against the Atlantic Coast of the Confederacy.
The photo is the left half of a glass-plate stereograph.

The challenge for me with this Civil War photo was the lack of color
and the dominance of the browns. 

The un wheeled coach on the right side of the photo seams to be a bit more fancy
Than the others in this photo, hans the reasoning for my coloring
of that coach,
Here is a close up of the Archibald McLeish's Vulcan Iron Works contraption.
Note the "Big Wheel" underneath the iron sign. 
This is likely something called "Big Wheel" , 
also called a "Ship's mast wheel", used to haul whole logs. 
A log or logs is/are chained to the middle section and is hauled by a team of horses/mules. 
The other end of the log is dragged.

The writing on the anvil says "Double action locomotive spring".
Note the anchor the canon and the leaf the two swords the plow the candle stick
and the ornamented lizard (with a duck looking beak). Probably all those things are objects that the
Archibald McLeish's Vulcan Iron Works can manufacture upon request.  
The top left ring of the sign says "A leaf fro????"

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