Thursday, November 7, 2013

Time Square 1937, Father Duffy memorial

This is my colorized version of the 1937 photo of the unveiled statue of Father Francis Patrick Duffy. A world war 1 priest, writer of the 1920 autobiography “Father Duffy’s Story.” 

Here is the original photo. Since the statue was unveiled on may 2nd 1937
I could only asume this is a winter time sceen. A cold March or April day with Blue sky and 
blue over cast on the entire scene.

1943 NY in color.
See the 11th Min and 30 sec of the film for a rear colorful view of 
this same spot in Time Square.
Same place 1936


Note the white frame around the Coca Cola emblem.
This white frame was changed somewhere between 1937-1939 to a green frame 
(as seen in this next photo).

I used this 1939 original color photo as my reference to the signs in the street.

Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia presides over the dedication ceremonies on May 2, 1937

 End of the Mr peanuts sign.



The big white sign on the right is promoting "AromaRama",
movies with smell!!!! you got to smell it to believe it.

 The statue today.

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