Friday, April 4, 2014

Wreck of the Altalena on a sunny day, 1949

Original captions say:
Tel Aviv. Crowded seafront terrace on Sabbath morning with a view of the Altalena wreck.
Photographer: Poll, Willem van de

The Altalena incident took place on June 22 1948.
It was towed away and sunk in the ocean on July 5th 1949
This photo was wrongfully dated jan 1st 1948.

By the time the Altalena wrack was towed to the sea, it had become a familiar sight to the people of Tel Aviv
Photo by: Robert Capa

towing and sinking of the Altalena, July 5th 1949

Here is another view of the exact location. You can see the awning, the two trees and the sitting bench in the colorized photo.
The photographer stood on the upper level above the caffe.
1946 photo from the collection of Arik & Idit Matson

What compelled me to colorize this photo where all those little moments that are in it.
Here are a few:  
Tow fathers with two kids. The fathers are smoking cigarettes.                         

This guy has to talk while patting his friend's sholder. I wonder what the conversation is all about?

                       This kid is board with his parent's conversation and is looking at the girl

The guy in the blue shirt is playing with a string (yo yo???) and the strange heir due on the man behind him (with the brown suite0.

An original color photo of about the same location.
1950 "Herbert Samuel" board walk in Tel Aviv

Two more Tel Aviv moments with Altalena in the Background
First photo by Photographer: Poll, Willem van de

Screen capture from a color film showing the Altalena
at about the same angle as Willem van de Poll photo.

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