Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Bloomington Indiana circa 1915 (Looking east from the square)

View of Bloomington and Indiana University from the roof of Bloomington's courthouse (looking East) on the square.
This image is one out of fifteen colorized images I had made for my show "living in color" at the Bloomington hysterical society
This is the original black and white photo.
Note there are no leaves on the trees there for this is a late fall / winter time photo.
The shadows are falling towards the east so this is late noon early evening time. 
Courtesy of the "Mathers museum" in Bloomington
and the Monroe county historical society.
catalog number:1988.109.0431 
This is Bloomington as it looks today (2014) 
For this photo I got special permission to clime on top of the courthouse to re create this photo. 
Here are a few details from this photo:
An insurance man reading his news paper.
If only I could read the date on that paper I could pin point the exact date of this shot
The "Modern" A bakery? with a hair saloon next door.

The "Metropolitan Cafe"


A lonely man in an alley crouching next to a water paddle while a "ghost" of another man is seen walking the alley.

Same location, 1939. Not that the eagle is still on top of the flag pol and the 
"K P" letters are not up yet.

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