Monday, April 11, 2016

Jaffa Gate, Jerusalem. Dec 1st. 1947

"In Nov 29th 1947 the "General Assembly" of the UN voted on the "Partition plan of Palestine.
In retaliation, the following day, arabs attacked Jews at the Jewish Quarter in the old city of Jerusalem.
This colorised photo shows a white Jewish ambulance, with a British soldier riding aboard, carrying wounded Jews through a crowd of cheering Arabs, at the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem
.The British soldiers in the FG of this photo are keeping watch.

Original photo by AP Photographer James Pringle.
                                                                    Ref #: PA.8669141

                                                                     Date: 01/12/1947

Traffic jam inside Jaffa Gate, 1898. 
Same location as the 1947 photo.
The Turkish military escort, was possibly part of the German Emperor's entourage.  
Close inspection on the left of the photo shows an American flag hanging outside of the Grand or Central Hotel,
formerly the Mediterranean Hotel.


Some crowd close ups.

1947 ford ambulance.

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