Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Jewish Agency bomb 11-3-1948

On March 11, 1948, a  car bomb planted in the courtyard of the Jewish Agency by an Arab terrorist (which is believed to have been smuggled into the heavily-guarded compound in a stolen U.S. Consulate car. 
exploded, killed 13 and wounded nearly 100 civilians.
In this photo a small sports car being used as an ambulance to rush victims to hospital.

 Original photo
International News Photo - 1948. After bombing of Jewish Agency
 Photo by: Lasar Dunner - 
original by radiophoto.

The same building in an early photo

The Keren Hayesod wing of the building was completely destroyed.
 Same location today.
 Leib Yaffe, director-general of Keren Hayesod 
(Who attended the first Zionist Congress and was the brother of Bezalel Yaffe, one of Tel Aviv's founders,)
was killed in the bombing.

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