Sunday, July 30, 2017

New York. VIctory Arch for Admiral Dewey’s Triumphal Parade, Madison Square, 1899

The Dewey Arch was a temporary structure built of a plaster-like material, and thus did not survive. A previous temporary wood-and-plaster triumphal arch was built to commemorate General Washington in Washington Square, and proved so popular that it was decided to replace it with a permanent stone version.

This ornate was an exceptionally lavish structure. 
It was built to commemorate a then-recent event — the victory of Admiral George Dewey at 
"The Battle of Manila Bay", which took place on May 1, 1898.

 For Dewey’s triumphant arrival to New York, in late September 1899, the entire city was lit up with ‘fairy lamps to greet the procession.  
The fireworks display for the event would be the greatest the city has ever seen.

According to reports, although many petitioned for a permanent Dewey Arch 
by the winter of 1900 the arch was torn down. 

The only existing reminder of the Arch near the site was a bar and restaurant called 
Dewey’s Flatiron. It closed it doors on Dec 2014.

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