Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sir Herbert Samuel visit to Tel Aviv circa 1920-1925

 Herbert Louis Samuel was the first high commissioner of palestine
1920 to 1925
Mr Samuel is in a white hat in this photo.
This photo was taken at "Rothschild Boulevard" in Tel Aviv.
You can clearly see the water tower at the end of the Boulevard.

The original photo is taken from the "Library of congress"
photo archive.

Samuel's appointment to High Commissioner of Palestine was controversial. While the Jewish population welcomed the appointment of a Jaw to the post, the military government, headed by General Allenby and Bols, called Samuel's appointment "highly dangerous" 

The man walking to the right of Herbert Samuel is most likely 
Mr. Chaim Nachman Bialik, Israel's national poet.
Here is a compare photo for you to judge.
I could not find a smiling portrait of him.

These are two more photos from that same day.
Note the guy with the big flower bouquet.
He seams to get tired as the he progresses in the sweltering heat.
These photos are taken from the "Library of congress"
photo archive.

Screen capture from a British news real showing the same event.

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