Monday, February 16, 2015

Cafe Restaurant Sapphire, Bialik street Tel Aviv. Circa 1936

Original captions say:
Tel Aviv. Bialik Street. Typical restaurant.

Original photo from the "Library of congress" archives.

Bus stop sign on electricity pol says:
"ת אוטובוסים ציבוריים ת"א..?.
תחנת בינים
פי יהודה הלוי..?
קו מס 1 קו מס 2
????הירקון ת"א תל-נור"

Another view of the same location.
In it we can see an advertisement for a movie playing in "Kolnoa Eden"
 staring the Czechoslovakian comedian Vlasta Burian.

Same location at about the same time by Zeav Alexsandrovitch.

A view of the roof top section of the Cafe Restaurant Sapphire.
The roof top section was later on canceled (as seen in the colorized photo) 

Frame taken from the 1934 movie "Tel Aviv - Land of promise"
showing the view from Cafe Restaurant Zamir (later on Sapphire) to Allenby street.

two more views of the same location from the "Library of congress" archives

 Another frame from the 1934 movie "Tel Aviv - Land of promise"
showing  Cafe "Zamir" at dusk.

Same exact location in the sixties.
photo by: Shlomo Menashe
From the wonderful collection of theTel Aviv historical Facebook page
White City - Tel Aviv
On march 31st 2002 a terrorist exploded himself at the this coffee shop 
(named  at the time "My coffee shop") Wounding 29 costumers. 

Same location today.

 Detail taken from an illustration of my of the same location.

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