Monday, February 6, 2012

1949, raising of the ink-flag (דגל הדיו) at Um Rash Rash

The iconic photograph "raising of the ink-flag  (דגל הדיו) at Um Rash Rash" aka Eilat.
March 10th 1949 by the Palmach "Negev" infantry unite.
This photo marks the end of the war of independence for the young state of Israel.
On top of the flag poll is the young commander (yet to become general) 
Avraham Eden "Bren" 

Here is the original version of the photo. 
photographed by Micha Peri, a commander at the Negev infantry at 4pm on March 10th 1949.
In the photo can be seen:
Nachum Sarig, commender of the Negev infantry (with back to the camera with an Australian army hat)
Uzi Narkis ( in the middle, holding the flag poll)
Alexander Uline (with his back to the camera, with a flat top hat)
Amos Karzinsky (left, with a "Palmach" winter hat)
David Nive (Middle, under "Bren")

Here are some before and after photos from that same historical moment.

Two photos of about the same moment.

Another view of Avraham Eden "Bren" 
Fighting the wind to get the "Ink flag" into the hook.

One hour after the raising of the ink flag by the Palmach "Negev" infantry unite 
the "Golani" Infantry unite made it to "Um- rush - rush" (אילת).
They brought with them a proper flag.
At 5pm March 10th 1949, the Ink flag was exchanged with the new "Golani" flag 
in an official ceremony. 

Here is a short 2008 ,news 10 segment about this historical moment.
                                       A video showing filmed footage from "Mivtza Ovda"
Operation Ovda to seas the southern point of "um rush rush"

Right after the razing of the flag Alexander Uline (also known in the "Palmach" as
Sashka Politruck) jumped into the red sea to become the first jewish person to bath in it's waters since the days of king Salomon.
To read more about Alexander Uline (Sashka Politruck)
and his tragic life (in wich he had offered his services as a spy for Russia USA and Egypt)
click here.

A 2008 reenactment of the famous photo.

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