Monday, February 6, 2012

IDF paratroopers at the Kotel, June 7, 1967

In celebration of the fifty year anniversary of the Six day war I re visited this iconic image by David Rubinger and re colorized it.
Here is the new version of this immortal moment in Israel's history.

This is the before and after of
the famous photograph by David Rubinger
(with my 2012 colorized version)

Appearing in this photo (right to left)
Chaim Oshri, Itzhak Yfaat & Zion Krasanty
of the 66 regiment of the IDF 55 Paratroopers.

Did you know there are at list three almost identical versions of this photo?
I didn't know that until I placed three versions of this photo on top of one another.
Note the man in the back ground changing position.

Some more photos from that same day

Chaim Oshri, Itzhak Yfaat & Zion Krasanty 47 years after the famous photo.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    we would like to use your version from rubingers photo. What are the conditions.
    Thanks for a short answer.
    Looks great! Best
    Alexander Schick