Monday, February 6, 2012

Times Square 1943, Smoking camel sign

My second Times Square photo from 1943 by John Vachon, colorized.  
Note the lights left on the second floor. These are the small things that bring a photo to life.

Another view of the same exact sign.

The Camel sign was designed by Douglas Leigh in 1941.
Here is an original pencil sketch for the sign's design.

1942 New year, new sign.

 The sign was puffing out smoke for 25 years
up until 1966.
For this colorizing project I had a lot of photos and videos in color to look at.
I tried my best to stick to the real colors from the historical photos I found.


In its early years the sign blow out perfect rings of smoke every 4 second, but it seams like
that feature stopped working shortly there after.

What I found interesting was that the Camel sign changed faces throughout the war.
Featuring service men from all branches of the US military.
V.J. day, August 14, 1945




Walker EvansBillboards in Times Square, New York, 1952
The Walker Evans photo (which I found 2 years after I colorized the 
John Vachon photo) made me realize that I got the colors for the hotel walls and sign totally wrong. 

Phil Silvers AKA Sgt. Bilko was featured on the Camel cigarets sign
in 1957




Actor CARL BETZ And Wife Lois

1959 (Note that the pepsi battles are gone)

This is the same location in the 60's

this specific version is from 1965


Borje Dorch as photographed by Erik Collin in 1965. 



Actresses Millette Alexander and Louise King, and nightclub entertainer Ted Lewis, stand 

outside a giant mailbox stamp selling booth in Times Square, New York City, while Assistant 

Postmaster Aquiline F. Weierich dispenses stamps from inside booth. 






1966 The end of the Camel sign.

1967, after the camel sign was taken off the next ad still used the Con Edison steam.
This time it came out of a riverboat smokestack in an ad for the movie
 "The sand pebbles".

A recreation of the "Camel Smoke" billboard sign in Woody Allen's 1987
"Radio Days" film.

Here is a full look at the Claridge Hotel on the corner of 44th and  Broadway.

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