Monday, February 6, 2012

1948. The shelling of the 'Altalena"

Tel-Aviv beach June 22nd 1948. The shelling of the 'Altalena" Etzel ship, colorized.
Seems like people came to look and take photos as the ship was burning.
Note the two HAGA guards with the blue armbands.
Original photo by Hans Pinn; Israel Government Press Office

Two original color photo of the event.

The occasion appears to have ben used as a backdrop 
to a portrait of a 16 year old girl that happened to be near by.
Another view, this time looking north to south from 
where today would be "Hof Mazizim".

An arial look at the Altalena on a later date.
The Altalena had became a photo-up attraction for the residents of Tel Aviv and a play ground for its youth until it was pulled out to the sea and sunk.

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