Friday, February 17, 2012

Indianapolis old Bus terminal 1943

Another view of the same location at the same year with the same signs.

This is a photo I took of the same spot as it looks today, 2012.
The bus terminal is no longer there :-(

Here is a photo of the bus terminal dating to somewhere in the beginning of 1900's.
Opened in 1904, the great "Traction Terminal" in Indianapolis, Indiana, grew to become the largest interurban railway terminal in the world.   
In its heyday, this terminal hosted some 7 million passengers a year, and 500 interurban trains a day, from all over the state of Indiana, and as far away as, Louisville, Kentucky.
I circled the location where the colorized photo was taken.

 Another view (the 50's) with the same location circled.
Here it is in the 50's with my color reference for the bus.
Here is another photo taken in 1943, during the war.

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